Forum Title: Actionbac vs. Softbac?
Is one better than the other? I believe Softbac is newer, any issues with install or wear?
Category: Carpet Post By: ZACHARY SANDOVAL (Yuba City, CA), 01/28/2019

They both have issues when not installed properly. Softbac was invented to protect trim, walls and baseboards during the install. But shaw found out it was more demensionally stable with the addition of the fleece. So now we are in the second generation of softbac -Platinum. I believe it is warranted for 10 years against restretching~AGAIN IF IT IS INSTALLED CORRECTLY. Action back has been around since the 70's and has held up good. So basically carpet today is a piece of plastic. That is why the mills want a very firm pad under it because it can't take the give and take of the traffic. Oh, softbac has actionback underneath it Which makes it a 3 backing system. Daris Take me back to the 60's carpet

- JACOB GREENE (Rowlett, TX), 05/14/2019

I like the softback. That is what I would prefer in my own home as long as it is available in the style and color we were wanting. I have seen far fewer issues with the pieces with it than those without it. It probably runs a dollar or two per yard higher. Well worth it in my opinion. Obviously you have to be comparing apples to apples. In other words not a high end piece without it to a low end piece with it. Lets say you find two equal pieces , one with, and one without, and install them in two bedrooms side by side. When the installer is finished both rooms will look the same but one of them costs a few bucks more. After some period of time, the one without is MUCH more likely to develop some wrinkles. Those wrinkles will wear worse, attract dirt, and eventually delaminate. Now someone may chime in and say they don't have problems with wrinkling because they power stretch (which they should),but I doubt any would disagree that the carpet with the softback is going to help it last longer.

- SANDRA MOORE (Naperville, IL), 05/18/2019

At one time Softbac only went on Shaw's higher end carpets. I don't know if it is still that way or not. Been out of the loop to long. Daris

- PATRICIA JOHNSON (La Habra, CA), 03/28/2019

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