Forum Title: Possible to do small carpet area without tack strips?
The landing at the top of my stairs is a jumble of old hardwood flooring & plywood sections. The previous owner had an old rug over it that I ripped out. The area is shaped like a thick L and is just under 36 square feet. I do have some leftover carpet tiles from another project that I could use, but I was wondering if I could cut a section of carpet to fit the area & just glue it down. I don't care about the floor because, again, it's messed up. Would that work? I would like to avoid having to get tack strips & the associated tools, if possible. (Unless having tack strips, say in one area would help keep it in place as I glue it. Again though, I'd rather avoid buying/renting tools.) Thanks in Advance!
Category: Carpet Post By: DEBRA ADAMS (Independence, MO), 01/07/2019

Gluing carpet down is easier for the novice and can be done with about three sinple tools.

- ROSS NAVARRO (St. Clair Shores, MI), 03/14/2019

kylenelson said: ? Gluing carpet down is easier for the novice and can be done with about three sinple tools.Click to expand... Thank you for your previous response. Could you suggest a type of glue down padding as well? I realized that while I've attempted to adjust some lower spots, just a section of carpet by itself might not be enough. I've heard of double-stick or double-glue installation but only have found info about it being used at a commercial scale. Could I use rubber padding or a rubber/felt padding mix for this?

- KEN SHARP (Gastonia, NC), 03/24/2019

I've seen it done with felt pad, though I wouldn't recommend it. You don't want to use a pad that will absorb the glue, or it will soak it up and the pad will get hard. The cheaper double stick pads are just rebond with a plastic coating on the top and bottom. You might want to call around to local flooring stores to see if they have a spare piece so you dont have to buy an entire roll.

- GENE NUNEZ (Peoria, IL), 03/11/2019

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